FALL’n Love.


This 2013 Fall season you will not see a lot of the typical primary orange, yellow and burgundy! Oh no! Not this year! Those practical primaries are being upstaged by the new kid in town. A new  trend has hit the wedding scene and it goes by the name…Rustic! Now even though we all appreciate a few pumpkins here and there, because they obviously signify fall.  Today’s brides,  are changing things up a bit, by incorporating more of the not so traditional fall attributes into their theme. The “Rustic Brides” are trading in the pumpkins, mums and burgundy overlays for apple cider bars, burlap and craspedia! We are noticing that this seasons trends have more of an “organic” fall feel. We are seeing that Brides are choosing to incorporate nature more into their fall theme. They are using tree stumps, feathers, old barns, burlap, wool, wheat, crates, and even hay bales to complete their visions of a perfectly decorated wedding.  We love the fact that the trends are sticking with the “fall colors”, but just in a few shades lighter than the  traditional palette. Paler shades of orange, yellow and burgundy are being paired with green, beige, chocolate-brown, and mint!    So let’s get this on the way shall we? Get ready to be inspired! Because these images are going to rock your cozy wool socks off!

Let’s Talk Bars…Apple Cider Bars!

fall apple

fall bar

ok…ok…one more! We can’t get enough of these Cider Bars!

fall cider bars

Zena and I just love the little personalized cinnamon sticks, these tiny touches will go a long way with your guests.

Rustic bouquets are all the rage!

fall boquet

The lighter shades of orange paired with the quail feathers, keeps this fall bouquet from looking too traditional.

fall flow

 We LOVE this non traditional fall floral! The flowers are combined with wild grasses and wild daisies, it looks as though she walked through a field and scooped these up!

fall paper

This Bride chose to add paper roses (which we applaud her for) to her bouquet, along with the pale orange roses, and added just a hint of traditional fall burgundy to keep it earthy and romantic.

fall bohemian

This is by far my personal favorite! The hippie in me adores the earthy bohemian essence that her dress and bouquet exudes! This is a fresh take on the rustic fall theme.

fall crasp

Please allow us to introduce you to this sunny little flower….Craspedia! Or otherwise known as Billy Balls! This little darling of a flower has taken the rustic wedding scene by storm! They have sent those old mums packing! And we are just fine with that! This little guy adds just a pop of autumn color to your wedding, not too little and not too much.

What’s a Fall Wedding without a Rustic Venue?

fall rust

This rustic barn venue gives off a warm, friendly and inviting feeling. We love the curtains added to the entrance of the barn, as well as the wheat grass! kudos for being creative and utilizing the space!

fall trend

Having a Fall Wedding does not mean that you have to incorporate the traditional fall colors into your vision. The rich wood, chocolate browns, bare twig birds nest tied in with the romantic lilac, gives this wedding a rustic fall feel.

 fall table

We can’t get over this DIY embellished fabric and wood table number!!

fall rustic

Tell us what you think about this festive fall setup? We love love love the amber notes of color in the preserves and the honey!

fall bride

Is this not adorable!? This DIY Bridal place mat is the perfect color paired up with the fall burgundy’s and reds!

fall beach

Since Zena and I are down here in the NC, nestled right here on the beach, we do not get much for “fall foliage” scenery. But that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate fall attributes right here on the beach! We love this image because it is a great example of how you can use burlap and driftwood to achieve the “rustic fall” feeling for the beach! Actually, the fall season here in Emerald Isle is PERFECT weather for a Wedding!

What’s a Bride without her Groom.

fall grrom

We can NOT get over this non traditional “rustic fall” Groom! Blue is not typically a color you think of when you think “fall”, but we do not care one single bit! We love this! The Flannel, wool vest, wool bow tie and tiny leaf boutonniere makes this one sharp dressed man that we can “Fall” for!

fall cotton

Here in the Carolinas, it ain’t Fall until you see the cotton fields bloom, and my oh my how they have bloomed on these Fellas! Don’t ya’ll just LOVE how each and every boutonniere is different!? If you by chance know a cotton farmer, then he/she just might let you make off with some of their cotton to make some crafty cotton boutonnieres for your man! If not, they most certainly sell it in your local craft store.

fall cardi

This Bride decided to use turquoise as her little pop of color! Now, we feel this would work for a rustic fall theme because she has chosen to incorporate rich leathers and a flannel tie for her Groom.

 fall tweed

Mixing things up with a tweed jacket ,paired with flannel and a bow tie makes your Groom fall fashion ready!

Now that we have enamored you with inspirational images and helpful hints, tell us what you think! Let us leave you with a little “fall” inspired quote.

“A successful marriage requires falling in Love many times, always with the same person.”

-Mignon McLaughlin

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