One of Our Favorite Parts of a Wedding!


Wedding Favor….Yes Please! This wedding season Brides are coordinating their “thank you” favors with their wedding themes, and in all honesty we are saying “thank you”. Often favors are thrown to the wayside and most often forgotten amongst the many “to-dos” of a wedding, or some Brides simply do not give favors much thought at all! A Wedding Favor is a great way of saying “hey, thanks for coming and sharing our special day with us” here is something fun and sweet in return. In the past, favors were typically those little pastel colored mints, wedding belle shaped chocolate or bubbles wrapped in tulle. Well not anymore! The modern Bride is breaking that mold with new fun and creative favor like, sunglasses, jars of honey, soaps and more! Let’s take a peek at some of the favors that we found and LOVE!

chevron wood

u35LdP3RrgFw4VXaXIJ-AXwnPLKADrEFjEji-hOn4uQ   Zena and I were ecstatic with Alex and Sam ( a Bluewater Weddings Couple), they made their own wine! They bottled it up, slapped an adorable monogrammed sticker on it, had guests names printed on the tags and had them displayed on the guest book table! How clever is this! Kudos Alex and Sam!

favor plant

Succulents are a big thing this season, Brides are decorating with them, adding them to their Bridal Bouquet, creating centerpieces, and handing these delicate little plants as favors! We could just eat them up!

favor jam  Jars of homemade jams and jellies are becoming more frequent in the wedding favor scene. Nom Nom! And you can get adorable little labels customized for your wedding!

favor sun

“LOVE” these little tags for sunglasses favors!

guest gift Here is another one of our FAVORites….our Bride Mandy bottled up two different types of olive oil and had her web designer friend design adorable labels for them! “Olive Our Love” too cute!

favor trees

This tiny sapling favor makes my heart swell!

favor honey  This is one sweet gift. If you know a local bee keeper or by chance you are one yourself, then a honey favor could be just the thing for you!

favor biscut

 Nothing like good ol’ biscuits and honey for a traditional southern wedding favor!

chevron wood

Now that we have shared a little bit of what inspires us, please share with us what inspires you! We’d love to hear from y’all! And since honey is typically something that we southerners smear on our biscuits, we have a little “bee” advice for our Brides that we simply must share!

bee calm

Remember. “Bee” calm and things will fall into place.



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