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As a good southern girls, we all know that there are good southern manners that are expected of us, manners that have been instilled into us at a very early age.  So when that day comes when we become Brides, that good ol’ southern etiquette comes out full force! Alright ya’ll, this blog  just brings up a few pointers as how to execute a your Wedding using your charming southern ways that we all know you embody!

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Alright ladies, in most situations there is a Maid of Honor or a Matron of Honor, and in many cases you will have both! The only difference, contrary to what some believe, is that the Maid of Honor is an unwed bridesmaid and the Matron of Honor is in fact married. Both of these titles are considered the “principal bridesmaids”, these ladies will be your go to girls for the duration of the day. Now, who does what? Let us break it down shall we. Both the Maid and Matron should be there for the Bride right from the get go, this is not a job for the lazy that’s for sure! She should be able to help with the wedding planning in whatever way possible. Lend an ear during the engagement, this is important for the Bride, considering she will be under a certain amount of stress during the process of planning. So grab that bottle of wine and help her exercise her demons!  Make sure that there is a bridal shower/bachelorette party in the plans. Organize the bridesmaids gifts, and the bridal luncheon. Take full control of the brides cell phone on the day of, that thing will be blowing up, and you don’t want it to stress the Bride out. Anticipate the Brides needs, and run interference between the Bride and others. These are only a few helpful hints, you can view a whole gaggle of  pointers on the Southern Weddings page @

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Toasting!  This s a ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of honor or goodwill. So let’s read these pointers, then you’ll be ready to grab your glass of champagne, (or sweet tea), and toast to the Bride and Groom!



  TIPPING is appreciated, take it from those who love to be tipped! I know what most people are thinking when it comes to tipping their vendors, “why would we pay them and then give them a tip?”  So glad that you asked that question, let me break it down for ya’ll!  In the south (as well as many other places), tipping is a gesture of a job well done, an expression of gratitude for the services rendered. And as always, it is appropriate to give a thank you note/card, it goes a long way, we love receiving a genuine thank you! It lets us vendors know that we have succeeded at satisfying our clients. As vendors in the Hospitality/Wedding world, we will move mountains to make a client happy with our services!


A great question that MANY Brides face!

Many Brides are faced with this dilemma, and in some cases it isn’t a dilemma. Some Brides feel obligated to incorporate their future sister in-laws into their bridesmaids lineup. And to this we say, unless the future in-laws are going to make you miserable then go ahead and ask them to participate. This small gesture will promote a family unity with your future family, and it could create a bond between you and your future sister in-laws. With this being said, there is no written law that you must ask them to participate, it’s your day so have it your way! (note the BK pun)

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Alright you southern gals! Now that you have read a little bit about being a proper Bride, get out there and raise your etiquette flag high! Show the world (or your guests) that you are properly classy southern Bride! And if you want to learn more about how to become a proper Bride check out one of our favorite magazines online , they offer up oodles of southern etiquette advice! Until next time….



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