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Pets! Oh how we southern folks love our pets, whether it’s pups, cats, horses, bunnies, chickens or even pigs! We love them dearly. So why not incorporate your furry friends into your special day, after all, they are there for ya throughout the whole journey, they are pretty good listeners too! ha  ha! We want to share some images with ya’ll to help ya get a better idea as to how you can include them, and there are even a few fashion tips you can take note of for your furry friend.

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pet pup  This one is just adorable, not only is this lil pup a German Short Hair, (which I have), but I love the striped ribbon and wildflower doggie boutonniere! This lil GSP is “dressed” perfectly for the big day!

pet floral 


Another idea is to create a puppy wreath for your four-legged friend to wear down the aisle, providing they will keep it on.


pet horse

Here is another example of a four-legged friend, a horse of course, all decked out in his wedding day roses! 

Bow ties tend to be trending now for those with a little less hair on their bodies, so why not let our furry friends join in on that fad as well?   pet dogYou can find many of these little fashion finds for pooches on Etsy, or online doggie boutiques. They come in many different colors, sizes and patterns! This makes it easier for you to match your pooch up with your theme or color scheme.





pet   We could just eat this “shot” up with a spoon! Special moments like this with your pets will last a lifetime, especially if you get your photographer to capture them.

pet6This fella is fit to be tied, he is ready and waiting patiently for his walk down the aislepet bone 



Every dog deserves a “happy” for being apart of your special day, these little squeaker by misi are sure to make their doggy day.

pet old

You want to make sure you get plenty of photographs of your furry friend on your day, it will make memories last a lifetime.

pet pig                   pet5

This little piggy did not go to market, in fact, she went to a wedding! Having a little moment with your furry friend while you’re getting ready is sure to make sweet pictures for the future! And of course it’s always a good laugh when your photographer captures your pet doing what they do best!


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I want to leave you ladies with an image that a photographer friend Casey Futrell, from Casey Futrell Photography, snapped of my sweet Cali girl. Cali will be attending my upcoming wedding as the flower “girl”. See ya’ll later!



a house is not a home without a pet.

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Amazing photos courtesy of Casey Futrell Photography, Common Dove Photography, Cynthia Rose Photography, Love by Serena, Chad Winstead Photography, Jim Colman Photography