The Oscars-Wedding Inspiration

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I LOVE the Oscars….I count down every year ’til the day I can watch all of the beautiful people dressed up in beautiful clothes walk across my tv screen. This year did not disappoint! There were so many amazing dresses in an array of lovely colors. Here are just a few of my favorites. These could easily be used for bridesmaid dress inspiration, or even bridal gowns….think outside of the box!

Let’s start with my favorite….Lupita! She seemed to float across the stage in this dress. The color was perfect and overall, this dress was killer!! Hands down my favorite of the night.


Imagine this dress in Ivory…perfect Bridal gown! Sandra looked fabulous.


This dress was…different. But, I really like it! I think for a Mother of the Bride look, this could be really great! Imagine it in a lavender or nude. Julia is always classic.


Here is one more that could really be a perfect Bridal gown! I love the color and the style. Jenna looked fabulous in this dress.


What did you think of the fashion at this years Oscars? Were you impressed? On a side note, I think Ellen is the best host of this kind of show. I am usually bored, but this year she kept me laughing!

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Amazing photos courtesy of Casey Futrell Photography, Common Dove Photography, Cynthia Rose Photography, Love by Serena, Chad Winstead Photography, Jim Colman Photography