Saying Thank You…

We are often asked about the protocol for sending out Thank You Cards, so why not chat about that a little here…..

Here’s a good timeline for thanks for all of for all your special occasions:

  • Engagement parties and showers, within two to three weeks of the festivities
  • Gifts sent to you before the wedding date, as soon as possible, but definitely before the wedding
  • gifts given on the day itself, within three months
  • gifts received after your wedding, within two to three weeks
  • Thank You cards for vendors, day of or within two weeks. (most of the time your wedding planner will pass these out for you if you hand them over
  • card

A few other thoughts here:

The task of writing out all of these “Thank You’s” can be a daunting one…make it fun! Split the duties! Do a few every evening together! The easiest way to divvy up the responsibility is to have your groom acknowledge those gifts from his friends and family since he knows them best, and you write to those guests you are more familiar with. If the spouse doing the writing is the only one signing his or her name, remember to mention the other partner in the body of the note (“Luke and I really love the vase. with Love, Sara”).


Don’t skimp out on your loved ones…a handwritten, personal message from you and your new spouse, including a reference to the specific gift, is the least you should offer your guests for their time and expense. No pre-printed cards please!

If you have it in your budget, you can get personalized Thank you Cards, photos, stamps, labels, all kinds of goodies!


Thanking Vendors….

Each one of your vendors work very, very hard to make your special day just right. Everyone appreciates a Thank You for a job well done! Gratuity is never expected but ALWAYS appreciated. 15% of their fee is standard. Tuck a little treat in a nice hand written card and hand those to your planner on the day of, they will pass them out for you…and this is one less thing for you to have to worry with!

It is NEVER too late to say THANK YOU. 


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