This one was near and dear to my heart. My little sister’s boyfriend at the time, Andrew, came to me and said he was planning to propose to my sister!! He had already asked my Father’s permission and was all set. He was originally thinking something on the beach, but the forecast wasn’t looking promising that whole week. He mentioned the aquarium and we both jumped into action! The staff at the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium are great to work with. We played it off like we were just going to the Aquarium as a family, (I even brought our Mom along) and we timed it out perfectly! We had to be in front of the shipwreck by 12:35 to be able to witness the “scuba diving session”. My sister, Sara, was totally unsuspecting and so was my mother! The scuba divers jumped in and next thing you know everyone in the packed aquarium was staring and saying “awwwww”. Sara turned to look and Andrew took that moment to get down on one knee!! It was SO great!! Here are a few pics I managed to snap! Enjoy!

They are planning to get married at The Islander Suites October 2014.




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Amazing photos courtesy of Casey Futrell Photography, Common Dove Photography, Cynthia Rose Photography, Love by Serena, Chad Winstead Photography, Jim Colman Photography