recpt buntinBunting: Strips of cloth or material used especially as drapery or streamers for festive decoration.

This Wedding season we are seeing more and more of this fabulously festive form of decor! Brides are choosing to drape this as an overhead attraction, they also are placing teeny tiny bunting flags on top of their cakes in lieu of “traditional toppers”, they hang them on the backs of chairs, or simply just let them cascade down, serving as a backdrop of the altar. No matter how they do it we are infatuated with this sweet little sentiment!  Bunting is an easy and budget savvy way for filling space and tying things together! You can make bunting out of ribbon, burlap, lace, patterned paper, or fabric! All it requires is a little bit of time, a sewing machine, or a hot glue gun if your sewing skills never quite developed. Either way you can’t go wrong with this festive flag!

jens cake

This is my little sisters cake from her Wedding last October! I loved her miniature burlap bunting, it added a touch more sweetness to her cake.

cake bunting

Shown here are two different types of bunting, the flag bunting as well as the ribbon style. Both are too precious!

Ribbon Bunting.

stream buntin

streamer bunting

Ribbon bunting can be used as a colorful backdrop for display behind the cake or on the altar. You can have fun with this and choose a variety of patterns in the same color scheme of your Wedding! This can be done using Ribbon (which can be on the expensive side), or you can choose to go fabric bin diving at the local fabric store, and find the bargain fabrics that go along with your color scheme! We love Bargain Buntings!

Different Textiles for Bunting.

lace bunting

Burlap and Lace.

floral bunting



Paper/Card Stock.

This couple, Gwen and Pat, were one of our couples this summer! Gwen had the right idea when creating this adorable bunting to use as a photo prop!

Here are a few more examples of how you can spice up your Wedding decor using bunting! Whether it’s used as a “cards” banner, on the back of your ceremony/reception chairs, as a cake topper, on your alter, as a photo prop, or just hanging up above! Buntings are Blissful anyway you put it!

card bunting

Cards Bunting.

recept bunting

Reception Bunting.


Swagged Bunting.

chair ribbon

Chair Bunting.

cake buntings

Cake Bunting.

Until next time……Let Your Bunting Fly!!


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