We LOVE a tented reception! There is just something about being out under the stars, able to feel the breeze on your skin but being able to be covered if needed for weather! The ambiance outside on a nice night is just so romantic on it’s own, but add in candles and paper lanterns and it morphs into something spectacular! Here are some photos of tented receptions we found while browsing Pinterest…that we just adore!

We have several venues where a tented reception is possible! Browse through our online galleries on our website and you can see some of our own examples!  http://www.bluewaternc.com/CrystalCoast/Weddings/WeddingGallery/

…in the meantime, here are some inspirational Pinterest finds!


The tent drape, the fabric liner that covers the poles, really makes a BIG statement! Just beautiful!!


We love the twinkle lights draped like this! Isn’t it so pretty?


Really cool idea!! A double tent, with the dance floor in the middle!!


Love the flag/light combo here!


This one is different, casual and has a great color scheme! Very relaxing!


What do you think? Do you like a reception outside under a tent? Or an inside space like a banquet hall?

  1. Cathy Cook says:

    Love the bottom option! Classy yet casual. Very nice!

  2. I love the idea of the two tents with the dance floor in the middle!!! Looks so fun!

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Amazing photos courtesy of Casey Futrell Photography, Common Dove Photography, Cynthia Rose Photography, Love by Serena, Chad Winstead Photography, Jim Colman Photography