With Thanksgiving rounding the bend, we thought we would take a little detour from the wedding world and focus on another kind of gathering. Growing up in the south, families tend to “set the table” for special occasions, Thanksgiving being one of them! My Grandma was the best at creatively decorating the table with a little Holiday Happy that complimented the meal. So, Zena and I thought that we would share some ideas to help make ya’lls tables look a little happier this Thanksgiving. Plus, many of this decor is DIY, which can make it a little lighter on the wallet.


This beautiful display only requires a pair of pruning shears and some hiking! And if you have foliage sprouting right in your front yard, then you won’t have to go very far to make this colorful table decor happen! Cheap, easy, and gorgeous!



What are ya’ll thankful for? I am thankful for a whole lotta things, but I’ll spare ya’ll the details! We thought this simple brown paper place setting was just perfect for going around the table and sharing what you are thankful for! You can get this brown paper from a craft store, or even better, re-use the inside of a brown paper grocery bag!



    This is another clever little craft for showing what you are thankful for! Go outside and grab a few twigs off the ground and cut out some leaf shapes out of fun patterned paper, punch a hole in the leaf and string them up for a fun table center piece. Then all of your family/guest can each write what they are thankful for!




I love this because what do we ALL have left over after Halloween…that’s right Pumpkins! So let’s paint those little suckers and add them to our Thanksgiving Celebration, they are, after all the symbol for fall harvest. So get your paint brushes out ladies and start painting! If you are feeling crafty you could even paint them different colors.

      thanks1   thanks   thanks9  

Simple things like feathers, herbs, wooden blocks, acorns or pecans can all add a naturally rustic touch to your table decor! And if you can’t find them in your yard, then your local craft store will be well stocked at this time of the Holiday season

 thanksgiv turkeydaytrukey2

We love these three little images because all three are so simple, but yet warms your heart with its personable appearance. Wrapping your silverware in a festive colored ribbon adds a little flair to your table. While hollowing out mini pumpkins and gourds and adding tea lights add a little romance to your table. And wrapping cinnamon sticks around your candle will send an aroma of warmth through the air.

chevron wood

We hope that you were able to take away some ways DIY ideas to spruce up your Holiday table this Thanksgiving. Always remember to give thanks. Until next time, we both wish you a… Happy Thanksgiving!


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