The Oscars-Wedding Inspiration

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I LOVE the Oscars….I count down every year ’til the day I can watch all of the beautiful people dressed up in beautiful clothes walk across my tv screen. This year did not disappoint! There were so many amazing dresses in an array of lovely colors. Here are […]

Wedding Showcases

We had a great time this year at the 3 wedding shows that we attended and we met some fabulous people! We started off in Raleigh at the Forever Bridal Expo, what a fun time! This was the largest show we have ever attended and we were the only “beach” venue there! You can see […]

THE Color of 2014

Pinterest has come ALIVE with color! 2014 is set to be bold and bright in the wedding world! The pantone color of the year is…..orchid! And we are excited!! Blush, pale pinks and nudes are still set to be a popular choice, but we are loving the orchid palette! Here are a few of our […]

grateful gatherings

With Thanksgiving rounding the bend, we thought we would take a little detour from the wedding world and focus on another kind of gathering. Growing up in the south, families tend to “set the table” for special occasions, Thanksgiving being one of them! My Grandma was the best at creatively decorating the table with a […]

pets on parade.

Pets! Oh how we southern folks love our pets, whether it’s pups, cats, horses, bunnies, chickens or even pigs! We love them dearly. So why not incorporate your furry friends into your special day, after all, they are there for ya throughout the whole journey, they are pretty good listeners too! ha  ha! We want to share […]

southern etiquette.

As a good southern girls, we all know that there are good southern manners that are expected of us, manners that have been instilled into us at a very early age.  So when that day comes when we become Brides, that good ol’ southern etiquette comes out full force! Alright ya’ll, this blog  just brings up a few pointers […]

Let Us Eat Cake!

Ohhhhh how we love CAKE! What better thing to bring up today than….you guessed it! Cake! With the cake being one of the main focal points in a Wedding, how could you NOT have an catching cake!? This years trend are patterns, lots of texture, cake topping florals and subtle cakes with a pop of color! Many bakers are open to stepping outside the box, they are willing to […]

One of Our Favorite Parts of a Wedding!

  Wedding Favor….Yes Please! This wedding season Brides are coordinating their “thank you” favors with their wedding themes, and in all honesty we are saying “thank you”. Often favors are thrown to the wayside and most often forgotten amongst the many “to-dos” of a wedding, or some Brides simply do not give favors much thought […]

Sensational Ceremony Sites

  An Alter or an Arbor is the pivotal point of the ceremony, with one quick passing of the hand, the Mother and Father’s duty to their daughter is handed over to her Love. It’s where one phase of a Bride’s life comes to an end, and where a new one begins. In this spot she succumbs to many responsibilities. […]

FALL’n Love.

This 2013 Fall season you will not see a lot of the typical primary orange, yellow and burgundy! Oh no! Not this year! Those practical primaries are being upstaged by the new kid in town. A new  trend has hit the wedding scene and it goes by the name…Rustic! Now even though we all appreciate a few pumpkins […]